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About one-in-six Americans was an active Loyalist during the Revolution, and that number undoubtedly would have been higher if the Patriots hadn't been so successful in threatening and punishing people who made their Loyalist sympathies known in public.

See Article History Alternative Title: Cooper's British Americans Early in his career, James Fenimore Cooper published two novels about the Revolution and early republic in which loyalists figure prominently, The Spy and The Pioneers They wanted their own country called the United States.

Loyalists During the American Revolution

Cooper stages this scene so that Dunwoodie's consent to Frances's terms establishes that A loyalist has finally learned this important lesson and can now collect his reward. What happened to the loyalists after the war?

A brief siege at Ninety Six, South Carolina in the fall of was followed by a rapid rise in Patriot recruiting, and a Snow Campaign involving thousands of partisan militia resulted in the arrest or flight of most of the back country Loyalist leadership. Loyalists probably were in the majority in New York, New Jersey and Georgia, but were weakest in the oldest colonies, Virginia and Massachusetts.

Loyalist (American Revolution)

We have long flourished under our charter government. See Article History Alternative Title: Historians' best estimates put the proportion of adult white male loyalists somewhere between 15 and 20 percent.

For an excellent account of the challenges critics have faced when attempting to reconcile "Distresses" with the rest of the Letters, see Grantland S.

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Some were pessimists who lacked the confidence in the future displayed by the Patriots. The British promised to liberate slaves who fled from their Patriot masters. Not surprisingly, most British officials remained loyal to the Crown.

By July 4,the Patriots had gained control A loyalist virtually all territory in the Thirteen Colonies and expelled all royal officials. New York was their stronghold and had more than any other colony. Without sufficient government aid or means of self-support, the black refugees of Nova Scotia subsisted through a form of indentured servitude and petty crime until their plight came to the attention of a group of London philanthropists.

In some cases the British government paid them for their loyalty, but it was usually not nearly as much as they had lost. In the region south of Montreal that was occupied by the Continentals, some inhabitants supported the rebellion and raised two regiments to join the Patriot forces.

What happened to loyalists during the war? Recovering his wits but still unable to choose a side, he seeks divine guidance. He must greatly rejoice that he lived at a time to see this fair country discovered and settled; he must necessarily feel a share of national pride when he views the chain of settlements which embellish these extended shores.

In so doing, Cooper suggests a profound affinity between Henry and Dunwoodie, although one is a loyalist and the other a patriot. In the South Carolina back country, Loyalist recruitment oustripped that of Patriots. A confrontation is looming.

By July 4,the Patriots had gained control of virtually all territory in the Thirteen Colonies and expelled all royal officials.

British forces seized control of other cities, including PhiladelphiaSavannah, Georgia —83and Charleston, South Carolina — They will dismember this happy country, make it a scene of blood and slaughter, and entail wretchedness and misery on millions yet unborn.Edward Larkin What is a Loyalist?

The American Revolution as civil war. In the opening number of The Crisis Thomas Paine saves some choice words for the loyalists: "And what is a Tory?Good God! what is he?

Loyalist (American Revolution)

I should not be afraid to go with a hundred Whigs against a thousand Tories, were they to. Loyalist, also called Tory, colonist loyal to Great Britain during the American Revolution.

13c. The Loyalists

Loyalists constituted about one-third of the population of. Contemporary Examples. of loyalist. Longworth was born in to Loyalist parents in Newark, New Jersey. Loyalists During the American Revolution Americans today think of the War for Independence as a revolution, but in important respects it was also a civil war.

American Loyalists, or "Tories" as their opponents called them, opposed the Revolution, and many took up arms against the rebels. Maduro’s nearest rival, Henri Falcón, a one-time government loyalist turned dissident, is expected to get just percent of the vote, and evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci is likely to get percent, according to the company.

Loyalist Group Limited (Loyalist) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition of Pan Pacific College (PPC), an English-as-a-second-language school based in Vancouver.

A loyalist
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